Repurposing Content for Maximum Social Reach


Creating high-quality, in-depth content is the key to great content marketing.

Great news, repurposing your content is a way that you can get more shares, traffic, and leads, while also getting the most out of the content that took so much time to create.

Take your blog post and make it into a GIF, a Periscope, a Tweet, an Instagram Story, an infographic, or a podcast. Create once and repurpose everywhere!

Benefits of repurposing content

  • Increase your social reach. By creating content in different formats, you’ll reach more audiences. The more variations you create, the more audiences you’ll reach, and the greater chance your content will be shared. Repurposing a blog post into a Facebook video, for example, could lead to a 62 percent increase in engagement (compared to sharing a post with a photo).
  • Boost your SEO. Links back to your website and increased traffic will help with SEO. Additionally, more content means more opportunities to receive backlinks!
  • Hammer home your main points. They say repetition is the root of all learning. By providing your content in multiple formats, you’ll ensure your readers take away the key points.
  • Gain authority in your industry. When people see your name or brand in multiple places on in-depth content, they will see you as an authority.

Types of content worth repurposing

Of course, not all content is created equal.

Some get more shares, some are crafted with more inspiration, and some are better able to convey great info.

Here are the types of content you should repurpose:

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is the content that just keeps giving.

Posts that are always relevant, regardless of how much time goes by, are considered evergreen content. This often includes posts that go back to the fundamentals, as well as how-to content.

Popular content

If you had a blog post go viral, it’s the perfect candidate for recycling.

What counts as “viral”? Viral to a small blog with 10 daily visitors could mean 10 shares. Basically, look for the posts that stick out. The ones that got a lot of traffic, shares, or engagements relative to your other posts.

Content you can expand on

Look at all your posts. Could you add to them? Perhaps add more resources, some relevant images or charts, or a section expanding on certain parts of the topic?

Ways to repurpose content

Podcasts or audio blogs

This is a great way to give visitors multiple ways to consume your content and can be particularly useful if they’re on the go.


Infographics, when done right, can be a massive traffic boost for your website. They tend to be shared (and read) more often than blog posts due to their visual nature.


Slideshows are a great visual way to convey information and repurpose content.


Video graphics


Email Marketing

Email comes in at No. 2 under word-of-mouth marketing! When it comes to repurposing content, email series are a perfect channel.

How Nicklaus Marketing & PR Can Help You: 

At Nicklaus Marketing we understand the amount of time and effort it takes to create high-quality content. Repurposing the content that we create is just one small way that we maintain your brand and create and enhance traffic and leads to your business. For more information and to learn how the Nicklaus Marketing team can help you head over to or call us at 973-538-0450.


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