Snapchat tricks to make you a power user


1. Create Snapcode from any website

Snapcodes aren’t just for adding your friends anymore. You can now create your own Snapcodes for any website and share them online with other Snapchat users to scan, or you can print them up and include them on flyers.

Go to Settings > Snapcodes > Create Snapcode. Enter a URL and tap Create. You can also spiff up the code with an image of your choice by tapping on the code itself.

2. Send money to friends

Did you know that you can actually send money over Snapchat using “Snapcash“?

Go to Settings > Snapcash. Sign up for Snapcash and then add a debit card.

To send cash to a friend, simply type in the amount you’d like to send into a message and confirm.

3. Create your own stickers

Tired of using the same emoji and pre-loaded stickers in Snapchat? Get creative and make your own!

First, take a photo or video. Then tap the scissors icon and color in the part that you want to convert into a custom sticker.

Custom stickers are automatically saved in the app and you can access them at any time by tapping on the stickers icon.

4. Send group messages

Sending group messages works basically the same as sending private messages to a single person.

To create a group chat, start up a new chat like you normally would add the friends you want (up to 16), then give the group a name.

5. Create your own geofilter

Discovering new geofilters when you’re out and about is always fun, especially when they’re time-sensitive ones.

But like creating custom stickers, you can also create custom geofilters for your own events (i.e. birthdays, parties, etc.).

There are several ways to go about making your own geofilters. Go to Snapchat’s On-Demand Geofilter website and then either upload your own design or use one of Snapchat’s own geofilter templates.

Custom geofilters start at $5 and increase in price as your geofence gets larger.

6. Make voice or video calls

Most Snapchatters send text messages and photos and videos to each other, but you can also make voice and video calls, too.

To call a BFF, tap the phone icon on the chat screen, and to make a video call tap the video camera icon.

Pressing and holding the phone icon starts recording a short voice note. The same applies for sending short video notes. Voice and video notes can be up to 30 seconds long.



7. Add emoji stickers that move with your video

Static emoji and stickers are boring. Make them more interesting by making them move with motion.

Shoot a video as you normally would and then choose a sticker or emoji. But instead of just placing the sticker/emoji on the screen, press and hold down on it and then pin it to a part of the video that’s moving.

8. Link your Bitmoji account

Want to send Bitmoji in messages and place them in your snaps? It’s super easy to do so.

Go to Settings > Bitmoji > and then either link your Bitmoji account (if you already downloaded the app) or create a Bitmoji account (you’ll be redirected to download the app).

The next time you send a message or create a snap, you’ll find Bitmoji stickers under the stickers icon.


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